DEFCON ISC Limited (A D.D. Thakker Company) , is a specialist service, security and risk management company based out of Dubai United Arab Emirates and London UK. 

Operating in the areas of South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka), Middle East and Africa, is in the business of providing affordable but yet credible security solutions, consultants and specialized services in the following areas of: 

Close Protection Teams, Valuable Asset and Site Protection, Aviation and Maritime Logistics, Armed Security to shipping, oil and natural gas companies operating in or transiting through piracy or high risk areas, Strategic Risk Management, Hostage Negotiations and other Consultancy Services  

Our team of professionals, with deep industry knowledge offer an exceptional level of service to corporate organisations and individuals. 

Our consultants with operational experience and skills from working in some of the most inhospitable places in the world, enables us to get the job done safely, securely and on time. Our people come from a variety of professional organizations, including the Special Forces community to various Armed forces, Police or other such establishments. 

We also provide Building Perimeter Security Systems like drive over X’Rays, Facial Recognition Access Systems, Reinforced, Electronic and Static Building Protection Systems to Government and Private Sector, Vehicle Protection Systems and Small Arms and Ammunition. 

We have extensive experience in advising a wide range of clients spread across Middle East, South Asia and Globally. 

For any inquiries please email us on [email protected]