DEFCON ISC Limited (Illumination Systems, Controls)

DEFCON ISC Limited (Illumination Systems & Controls) is a Company based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates which acts as a specification agent that provides local and international support to specifiers on behalf of Manufacturers / Technology Companies. We cater to Lighting Designers, Consultants and Interior Designers for their lighting needs for Indoor, Outdoor, Intelligent Lighting, Media Facades and Home Automation.

DEFCON ISC specialises in the specification channel and provides advise & consultancy services on Specification Strategy, Marketing & Demand Generation, Brand & New Technology launches, Product Marketing and Portfolio Innovation.


  • We offer a new market route to technology providers by engaging them in a collaborative platform with designers. This creates market pull and demand generation for new technologies.
  • We perform as an impartial specification partner for the new age of lighting companies where we manage all of the above and the companies have the flexibility to offer the products through their preferred distributors and or the company / supplier who is strong on the project.
  • We manage sample requests for designers and traders, facilitate mock-ups, and offer technical and commercial support as needed.
  • We select only technologies that offer new value proposition to the market and introduce these to the top designers.
  • We facilitate early involvement of designers in these new technologies and support them in transforming their design ideas into either custom lighting solutions or standard product offerings of the future.
  • We create deep partnerships by closing the gap between designers and technology providers, which thereby allows for more scope of custom and project specific solutions.


DEFCON ISC works in a very strategic way on behalf of the clients/ companies. We ensure that our Clients/Companies can locally and actively support project specification in the region without the hassle of setting up a local office or have a full time company representative present in the region, as we are the feet on the ground. This helps our clients to only stay in control of the specification but can also control the price, discount etc. This further helps in mitigating the threat of a specification break by a competitor or particular partner offering an alternate product on account of price where the supplier has a better deal without informing or updating the company of the developments. We bring knowledge and experience of local markets along with an international and local network to promote collaboration between our clients & designers.