Service Overview 

DEFCON ISC Maritime Security which is the delivery of un-armed and armed guards on vessels, consultancy, training, ship hardening and protection systems, and those techniques and capabilities designed to provide ship management companies, and owners the ability to protect vessels from piracy. 

The Companies we have aligned ourselves with specialize in maritime security, risk management, training and consultancy with offices in UAE, Singapore and UK, that provides services to the shipping industry and offshore oil and gas sector. We offer highly trained and equipped armed security and security escort vessels. We operate extensively in Africa, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, Somali Basin, Indian Ocean, Asia and Central Asia and employ ex New Zealand, Australian and British Special Air Service (SAS) and Marine Special Forces personnel. 

These Companies are managed and by retired senior officers who have held positions as Commanding Officer and Squadron Commander Appointments. 

The Companies are internationally certified with ICoC and SAMI, and complies with BMP4. and BIMCO GUARDCON and are legally licensed and cleared to import/export and store weapons/ammunition/equipment and embark/disembark security teams out of; Port Suez; Djibouti, Mozambique (Pemba), Kenya (Mombasa), Tanzania (Darussalam), Sri Lanka (Colombo and Gaulle), Oman (Muscat), Malta and Mauritius. They are aligned with 5 major P and I clubs and 5 major underwriters, these are; P and I clubs: Guard, The Standard, West England, Flag Victor, The Japan P and I Club, and British Marine Luxembourg SSA and Underwriters; Beazley’s, Watkins Syndicate, Brit Insurance, Catlin, and Hiscox. 

Our commercial focus is: ”Safe Passage – Zero Harm” guaranteeing the protection of client brand, client employees, realization of operational savings (in bunker fuel costs, time, port to port direct route achievement, reduced insurance premiums, and avoidance of work disruptions) – ultimately meeting company profit margin targets.